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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality Services in New Jersey

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Indoor Air Quality

Despite having continuously busy lives, more and more people are spending the majority of their time within their homes. In fact, a survey by the Environmental Protection Agency showed that Americans have been increasing the amount of time they spend inside to about 90% of their lives. The problem is that even though many people in New Jersey assume that their indoor air is pure, this is actually not true at all. Because houses do not allow for regular airflow, they are host for bacteria, mold spores, dander, and dust mites. Such pollution from toxic microbes and allergens is terrible for your health. This is why you need All In One Heating and Air Conditioning to provide you with excellent indoor air quality services in New Jersey.

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How Indoor Air Quality Affects Your Health

Your home may appear to be clean to any friend or guest who comes by. However, the reality is that your home is filled with dangerous pollutants that our human eyes are not able to detect. Pet dander, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores are very commonly known to float around your house. In addition to these sources, some other harmful irritants and particulates can come from household cleaners and chemicals, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These VOCs often find your way into your house by being released from the furniture, the floors, and even the very building materials used to establish your home. All of these harmful pollutants have been found to cause headaches, migraines, dizziness, respiratory irritation, asthma, agitated skin, and much more.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Some of the most significant ways for improving indoor air quality include installing a device that either increases the airflow, directly destroys harmful particulates, or creates a better balance of moisture and dryness in your air.

Depending on the individual situation of your home, our experienced technicians can install, repair, or offer maintenance on helpful indoor air devices such as:

  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Air filtration systems
  • Air purifiers

Remember that everyone’s home is different. Your house could have a completely different moisture level than that of your neighbor’s. The best way to determine which method for improving indoor air quality is right for you is by scheduling a consultation with our knowledgeable technicians.

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